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The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is launching its Defensive Pistol Program this spring and offered a sneak peek at SHOT Show. This comprehensive training course is carefully designed to empower participants with essential defensive shooting skills.

Students in firearm training course
Participants in the USCCA’s new Defensive Pistol Program will get classroom instruction as well as live-fire training. (All photos: USCCA)

Last year, 20-year FBI veteran Rob Chadwick, who spearheaded that organization’s tactical training program, joined USCCA as its director of education and training. The new Defensive Pistol Program has emerged under his leadership.

“With the Defensive Pistol Program, we’re introducing an all-encompassing initiative that includes both a certified instructor course and end-user training,” Chadwick explained in a news release.

Shooting at targets on range
Participants will get plenty of opportunity to practice their new skills on the range…

The course employs a dual approach, incorporating live-fire and dry-fire training methods to ensure well-rounded skill development. Curriculum is rooted in objective and performance-based training, drawing upon motor learning and skill acquisition science.

“We strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and transformative skills needed to navigate real-world situations effectively, and Rob’s unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence while overseeing all USCCA forthcoming curriculum will undoubtedly strengthen that mission,” noted Tim Schmidt, USCCA chairman and co-founder.

The Defensive Pistol Program will cover safety concepts, proper gear selection, and shooting techniques. The course blends theory, hands-on practice, and rigorous evaluation to lay a foundation for more advanced technical training.

Training with shot timer
…and instructors will carefully evaluate metrics like shot splits and draw time to monitor each shooter’s progress.

Participants can expect thorough performance assessments using metrics like draw time, shot splits, and the achievement of evaluation standards. This meticulous evaluation process will ensure participants hone their skills effectively and provide a clear path for continuous improvement.

The overarching goal of the Defensive Pistol Program is to equip responsibly armed citizens with the tools and knowledge they need to prevail should they have to use a firearm in self-defense. This program is a testament to USCCA’s commitment to fostering a community of skilled and responsible gun owners by instilling confidence and proficiency.