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Welcome back to another edition of Concealed Carry Corner. Last week, we talked about flying with a carry gun. If you happened to miss that article, be sure to click the link here to check it out. This week, I wanted to look at some of the personalities I’ve started to notice more and more over my time in various gun shops and events. Keep in mind this is to have fun and point out certain things in the community that may not be perfect. Let’s take a closer look at some carrying stereotypes.

Concealed Carry Corner @ TFB:

The Red-Blooded Gun Guy

One of my favorite individuals I get to regularly interact with is the red-blooded carrier who isn’t afraid to express what the believes in. Most times these guys will either have a nine-line or grunt-style T-Shirt on with some Viktos shoes and a flat-bill hat. These guys are very passionate about firearms even though they may not be subject experts, they are enthusiastic and extremely excited to talk about firearms with other people. These guys oftentimes keep it simple with a stock Glock 19 riding inside an IWB holster.

The red-blooded gun guy is typically a fun-loving person who just gets excited to chat with other gun guys about carry choices and what holsters he uses. Out of all the personalities, these guys are typically the most fun to chat with and almost every time make you leave with a positive memory of talking to them. They may not be the type who fly under the radar but they are proud to be a part of the community which isn’t always a bad thing. These are typically the everyday Americans who have a pick-up and just enjoy the freedoms we have as Americans. If I had to give advice to these guys, I would just say to not be so obvious when you carry concealed just for the element of surprise. It’s never a bad idea to wear normal everyday clothing to keep a low profile.

The Modified Fudd

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of traditional Fudds out there who wear their fishing vests with a classic 1911 in a shoulder holster. Those guys are still doing well and living their best life but recently there is a new modified fudd that’s evolving from the original fudd DNA. These new fudds are brand loyal to the German manufacturers. I see this a tad with some SIG owners but by far the worst people I’ve encountered are the HK P7 or even the VP9 owners who not only have dirty white new balance shoes with their white socks pulled all the way up but let you know they only carry an HK pistol.

Now I won’t exclusively pick on HK owners with this one because I’ve run into a few guys who have been like this with their P-Series guns. I tend to get along with the SIG guys more since I will carry a beat-up P226 Elite in the colder months but even those guys can be a bit much with the SIG swag they cover themselves in. Both variants of the modified Fudds will have hats, shirts, and even sometimes jackets of their favorite firearm company looking down on people who choose to carry other pistols. My best piece of advice for the modified fudds is to just have an open mind and understand there are a number of companies out there that manufacture firearms. It’s ok to have a favorite but your favorite may not be what others like.

The Stealthy Businessman

One of the biggest curveballs I’ve seen this year is the fact successful businessmen that have a 9-5 office desk job are choosing to carry a concealed firearm. I probably have talked to 8-10 individuals over the last couple of months who wear a suit and tie every day but still decide to carry a concealed firearm whether or not their company allows a concealed firearm in their building. The biggest contributing factor is the degrading surrounding areas of Metro city areas in Michigan. With crime rising and police presence being less around city areas, upstanding businessmen are taking their personal safety seriously.

Often times its something simple like a Glock 48 or Glock 43 for easy carry but people who you never would expect are starting to carry a firearm for personal defense. The stealthy businessman is someone who just works a regular job in an office building but if they’re put into a dangerous position will end up protecting themselves. This is by far one of the most surprising developments in the gun community. Carrying a gun just isn’t for a particular political party or a certain group of people anymore. Personal protection is becoming a very real topic for all people no matter their personal beliefs which is an interesting shift from years prior. More people now just want to be protected from unknown threats which is perfectly acceptable. I don’t really have advice for these people other than keep up the fantastic work!

Overall Thoughts

There are so many personalities and stereotypes in the gun community, and sometimes it’s just fun to point out certain people even if you’re guilty of being a part of a certain stereotype. There are plenty more I could have written on but these were the most common that I’ve seen so far this year. If you guys want a second edition of this, be sure to drop your thoughts down in the comments below. If you have questions about carrying concealed or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and we will see you next week for another edition of Concealed Carry Corner.