Mk18 Custom build by action firearms colorado

We got our inspiration for this build from the 2014 film, American Sniper. Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is seen carrying the Mk18 Mod 0 while not in his sniping role as well as many other SEALS. The attachments that we used were slightly different but you can tell by the overall aesthetic of the rifle that it was definitely close.

Build List

For this build we started with a COLT 6520 Government Carbine. We removed and replaced the A2 upper receiver for a COLT M4 Flat Top version. We used the original barrel but had it cut down to 10.3 then re-threaded 1/2×28.
The MIL-SPEC stock was swapped out for a LMT SOPMOD Gen1 stock.
The OEM Plastic hand guards were then replaced with a KAC-KNIGHT’S ARMAMENT RAS M4 Rail Adapter System with Vertical Grip.
For our sighting system we chose an AIMPOINT COMP M2 Red Dot with an LMT Fixed Rear Backup.
The Flashlight is a SUREFIRE 1000 Lumen SCOUT LIGHT.
The suppressor is a SUREFIRE SOCOM-556 RC2.
We finished the whole thing off with a “Rattle Can” FDE paint job.